About Us


Kagoka Foods is a social enterprise, predominantly an online marketplace bringing together small holder women and youth We support the youth and women farmers, by providing a channel for them to sell their produce, while creating job opportunities.


Kagoka-Foods facilitates your life by evacuating the hustle of you making time off your busy schedule to go to the market to hotspot for your grocery supplies. We willingly volunteer to source, bundle and convey to your doorstep all your basic food item necessities. We source these straightforwardly from the farmers to guarantee that quality isn't undermined.

Our Mission - why we do it

Kagoka Foods seeks to support the youth and women farmers, by providing a channel for them to sell their produce, while creating job opportunities. Youth and Women face economic and social constraints. They account for 60 to 80% of smallholder farmers and produce 90% of food in Africa and about half of all food worldwide. Yet in sub-Saharan Africa, only 15% of landholders are youth women and they receive less than 10% of credit and 5% of extension services. Policies that address gender inequalities could, conservatively, increase yields on youth and women’s farms by 2.5% to 4%. Youth and Women are key to food and nutrition security and sustainable development. We need to empower rural youth and women through policies that help them in Growing, Marketing, Adapting, Caring, Connecting and Leading.

Kagoka Foods therefore seeks to support the youth and women farmers, by providing a channel for them to offer for sale their produce, while creating job opportunities.

Our Vision

Enhance small holder farmers improve their harvests and pull themselves out of poverty; hence prosperity, eradication of poverty and hunger and ultimately; providing technology and a value addition mechanisms for better prices for their produce.

Our Team

We have a competent and professional team including a network of field representatives, sales, finance, administration, logistics, technology and HR, based at our Depots in selected parts of East Africa and our HQ/ Warehouse in Nairobi.

Invest/support our work.

You can be part of the change partner Kagoka is working with, by investing in our social enterprise, or providing grants and technical support to the network of farmers we work with by writing to:

Some of our partners include Ngece Rinjeu Foundation.

How It Works?



Farmers, vendors and consumers register and create accounts on our platform using our web app, mobile app or ussd.



Our staff visit the farmers to verify quality of produce and vendors to confirm.locations as certified agents of Kagoka.


Products Posting

Farmers post their produce in the online shop.


Place Orders

Both consumers and vendors make orders from.the online shop.


Packaging & Delivery

Our staff make packages for doorstep, collection centre and vendor outlet delivery within 12 hours.

Why Choose Us?

Ready Market

Our Retailers Network offers a ready market for the farmer while removing the logistical challenges that would normally compound market access

Guaranteed Quality

You get quality produce and products delivered to you at all times.

100% Organic

Our products are farm fresh and 100% Organic

Ease of Use

Buy your produce at your convenience for Restocking. Just order your fresh produce and we will deliver in no time.

Stable Prices

There are minimal fluctuations if any on our prices so you never have to worry about breaking your account.

24/7 Support

Our customer support is available at all times for support and help

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What our clients are saying about us

Mercy Mwende

Business Woman

Kagoka Foods have added a completely new dimension to my life. I love their attention to detail & the quality of the products

Thomas Kinyua


I really enjoy using Kagoka Foods - far better quality & excellent service.Keep up the good work

Paul Otieno

The produce is amazing , wholesome and good. The customer service is excellent .